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Sanouva Hotel cần tuyển House Keeping Manager

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Tue May 06, 2014 4:57 pm



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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Sanouva Hotel cần tuyển House Keeping Manager

Sanouva Hotel cần tuyển House Keeping Manager
We have Sanouva Ho Chi Minh and Sanouva Danang: Sanouva Ho Chi Minh is right next to Ben Thanh market right in the heart of the city, Sanouva provides the urban business and leisure travelers the privacy and exclusivity. The hotel’s facilities and professional, hospitable staff are always at your beck and call, ready to assist you. Experience what we meant in our motto: “Once booked, forever served” Sanouva Danang is a 75-room luxury boutique hotel in the heart of city center, one of ...

House Keeping Manager
Tasks and Responsibilities:
- Manage the daily activities of the Housekeeping department to include appropriate
cleaning of all offices, seating areas, washrooms, restaurants, suites, and all public spaces.
- Planning, organizing and directing team members to ensure the highest degree of guest
- Daily supervision of the housekeeping staff, including the day, event and post-event
- Daily supervision of the grounds keeping staff, including the day, event and post-event
- Purchase, re-order and maintain housekeeping supplies and inventory.
- Conduct pre-event inspections of all rooms, concourses, clubs, seating areas and public
-reas prior gate opening for every event held at the Arena.
- Recruit, schedule and train all new housekeeping staff members.
- Maintain the housekeeping budget, providing billing summaries and expenses for all pre
and post events.
- Uphold the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, and conduct.
- Knowledge of safety standards within Housekeeping department.
- Determines and maintains the department work schedule used to notify staff of
upcoming events and ensure proper preparation and staffing for each event.
- Ensures the proper maintenance of all equipment; makes arrangements for repair
and/or replacement of used and damaged equipment.

Required Knowledge/Skills/Job Qualifications:
Knowledge, Skill and Ability
- Previous experience managing a team of housekeeping employees through motivation,
coaching and development.
- The ability to anticipate customer needs, change goals and direction quickly and multitask
- Working knowledge of rooms management systems.
- Advanced knowledge of Housekeeping process and procedures.
- Proven experience supervising housekeeping departments
- Proven excellence in customer service.
- Capable of using independent judgment/solid decision making skills ability
- Proven comfort and experience to interact effectively with all levels of management,
guests, associates, and clientele, both inside and outside of the organization.
- Activator/self-motivated to accomplish goals, with a strong sense of responsibility.
- Proficiency with general office PC applications (i.e. word processing, spreadsheets,
- Demonstrated sound organizational, coordinating and personal interface skills.
- Demonstrated excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- Proven job reliability, diligence, dedication and attention to detail.
- Must be flexible with working nights, weekends, and holidays.

- A minimum of 4 years experience in all aspects of Housekeeping in a large, multi-use
facility required, with at least 2 years of supervisory experience.
Ứng viên quan tâm vui lòng click vào link: http://hoteljob.vn/Home/Ho-so/Ho-so-chi-tiet/5549/38795/House-Keeping-Manager.aspx


Sanouva Hotel cần tuyển House Keeping Manager

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